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Tri-PAC Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Benefits   Peace of Mind Lease gives you the confidence you need when leasing a vehicle, such as:   Loyalty Maintenance Program Tire and Wheel Dent and Ding Lost Key Road Club Mechanical Excess Wear and Tear   Excess Wear & Tear   Peace of Mind Lease covers Excess Wear and Tear responsibilities at […]

Tri-PAC IdentiCar

Your Car is More Valuable in Parts   Thieves don’t steal cars to just joyride; a stolen vehicle is more valuable as a supply of parts. As a theft-deterrent system, IdentiCar decreases the value of these parts and is a common sense approach to let potential thieves know that your vehicle is protected.   What is IdentiCar? […]

Tri-PAC Paintless Dent Repair

Don’t Let Minor Dent & Dings Ruin Your Vehicle   It is virtually impossible to prevent your new vehicle from having minor dents or dings.  With our PDR program you’ll gain the confidence knowing that those irritating dents will be removed.     Tri-PAC’s PDR program helps keep your vehicle looking like new.   Here’s […]

Tri-PAC Loyalty Maintenance

Why Prepaid Maintenance?   According to your vehicle owner’s manual, regular maintenance such as an oil change, tire rotation, and standard mileage services all help to keep your vehicle running in great condition.   So how can a Prepaid Maintenance plan from your dealer help save you money and keep your vehicle running like new? […]

Tri-PAC IdentiTheft

Your Identity is The Most Valuable Possession You Own!   Every minute, 19 Americans become a victim of identity theft, according to a CNN News Report.  That number continues to grow every monthdue to large data breaches such as:   Home Depot IRS Tax Refunds Chase Target Jimmy John’s Michael’s and more   These breaches […]